How Aircall Transforms Manager Growth & Development with Bravely

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Experiencing hypergrowth and heavily recruiting in the past year, Aircall, a phone system for the modern business, found itself facing the challenge of supporting dozens of new managers needing development to succeed in their new roles. Aircall needed a solution that could meet the individualized needs of each employee while facilitating the learning of essential leadership and management skills.

Hear from Melissa Strong, Aircall’s Global Learning & Talent Development Partner, on how Bravely’s need-based coaching transformed Aircall’s manager growth and became an essential part of their learning and development strategy.

Join to learn:

  • Why coaching is uniquely positioned to meet the individual needs of new managers
  • How coaching led 100% of Aircall’s participating managers to report that they learned a new skill after their first session
  • What impact needs-based coaching makes at the individual and company levels
  • Why Aircall decided to partner with Bravely in a time of high growth and change

Meet the speakers


Katasha Harley

Chief People Officer, Bravely


Melissa Strong

Global Learning & Talent Development Partner, Aircall