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Your employees are still struggling with performance reviews.

The Conversation Gap gets even wider during review season. Here’s what HR leaders can do about it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that performance reviews have increasingly fallen out of favor among employees across industries and organizations. According to a recent survey conducted by Adobe, 60% of employees and managers believe that the annual review is outdated and unproductive, while 58% percent say it’s a “needless HR requirement.”

The problem? Employees don’t know how to talk about their performance. They lack the language necessary to effectively self evaluate, and haven’t been taught how to effectively give (or receive) feedback. We call this the Conversation Gap—and this is especially true during performance review season.

In our new report, we highlight the state of performance reviews today; the investments that company leaders have made in hopes of improving the process; why those solutions fall short; and how confidential, in-the-moment coaching can be part of the solution by encouraging conversation.

    In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How the “Conversation Gap” impacts performance reviews
  • How HR leaders have invested in tools and tech to improve the review process
  • How organizations can implement coaching to set employees up for success