Create a Culture of Belonging to Drive Employee Engagement

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The U.S. Surgeon General recently announced that Americans are in an “epidemic of loneliness”. After everything we’ve experienced the past few years, this probably isn’t all that shocking—though it is concerning. Beyond individual impact, this sense of loneliness and isolation has a profound impact on worker performance, engagement, and productivity.. So what can employers do to combat this epidemic and set our people up for success in and out of the workplace?

Join Bravely and Blueboard for a session on how you can create a culture of appreciation, mentorship, and connection and drive real impact for your people and your business. Get actionable strategies and insights on how to foster a sense of belonging, recognize employees with meaning, and invest in their development and coaching to create connection in a hybrid workplace.

From this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a work environment that fosters meaningful connections
  • Tips for increasing belonging and creating a culture that improves the employee experience
  • Strategies for investing in people development and coaching, as well as the benefits of doing so

Meet the speakers

Shireen (1)

Shireen El-Maissi

Manager, People Relations & Talent Acquisition, Blueboard


Natalie Garramon

Bravely Coach


Hans Kohler

Bravely Coach

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