Thriving as a People Leader: Essential Self-Care Techniques

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HR professionals and People Leaders have faced some unique and complex challenges during and after the pandemic. From supporting team members’ mental health to managing remote work and navigating a tumultuous economic landscape, their work has evolved rapidly and demanded more time, effort, and skill than ever before. Yet in addition to working on improving the employee experience and culture, People Leaders also must be intentional about their own self-care.  

Join the webinar to learn the tools and strategies HR and People Leaders can adopt to maintain their well-being, motivation, and engagement, enabling them to continue providing valuable support to businesses amid continued constant change.

You’ll learn:

  • The unique challenges faced by HR professionals and People Leaders right now
  • How to prioritize self-care to increase productivity, engagement, and overall well-being
  • The tools and strategies to manage and reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase resilience

Meet the speakers


Tiffany Richardson

Director of People & Culture, Bravely


Abby Wu

Coach, Bravely


Bri Ukaonu

Director of Strategy & Workforce Management, Namely

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